Sitting zazen at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Sitting zazen at Auschwitz.

Praying the rosary in Pol Pot’s Phnom Penh.

Hearing the liturgy of silence rattle an old

Quaker meeting house in up-state New York.

How about Islam’s salat, whether called out

in Salt Lake, Shanghai, or Singapore City?

How about the skulls, incense, and flamboyant flowers of Hindu’s

sidewalk shrines and ubiquitous yonis?

How about Joseph Smith’s weird, burned-over construct

still so enthralling to Mormon’s today.  There’s Wiccan and warlock,

Russian and Eastern Orthodox, Baptist, Catholics, Scientologists,

and, the newest? The funny Sacred Spaghetti!

I loathe religion.

Copyright Tim Bagwell


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